Sunday, September 29, 2019

Here’s Why Arranged Marriages Are Needed Now More Than Ever

On the surface, arranged marriages sound absurd.  For some, it may sound like oppression.  At the same time, the institution of marriage is in trouble.  Large numbers of men are losing interest in dating or marrying.  Conversely, women’s desire to marry is

For men, there is no incentive.  The risk of losing half of what you own is too high.  That does not include the fact that many men fail to see any tangible benefits of marriage, unless they want to have children.   

For women, they are witnessing the reality of the feminist movement that told women they did not need a man.  Now you have more single women over 45 than ever.  Many have no children and never married.  That can be a lonely life if you live beyond 60 years. 

As younger women see their lonely mothers, grandmothers, aunts and neighbors, they are seeking the road of a lifetime companion – a spouse.  However, they may not know what to look for in a man.  And men are so disenchanted they are also not sure what to seek in a woman.  This never-ending confusion and frustration is causing a division between men and women.   

The substitute for this confusion is something that never nourishes the relationship.  Instead of a mutually beneficial companionship, people seek an individual who will give them a dopamine rush.  Instead of building generational wealth, people are seeking someone who will give them constant excitement.  That has become the criteria for a mate.  When you stop providing the high excitement gives, the relationship comes to an end.  In essence, people are not seeking a mate.  They are seeking a drug dealer from a dopamine high. 

Arranged marriages can solve this problem.  Because your parents know you well, they will have clearer insight into which person will make a compatible spouse for you.  They will not only look at the specific mate.  They will examine the family of that person.  If the values match, the marriage will have a better chance of long-term success.  

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