Sunday, November 18, 2018

Are There Advantages or Disadvantages to Being a Ladies Man?

For decades, Hollywood has glamorized the ladies man.  He’s the guy with world-class charm and charisma.  And many men have successfully developed the personality of this Hollywood star. 

Yet, the married man
swears he has the advantage because he comes home to his loving family.  And the player returns home to his little black book (contacts in your smart phone now).  

While there are pros and cons for both, the lifestyle of the player is not for everyone, even though many women desire him.  So which lifestyle is right for you?  On the surface, the choice may appear simple.  However, when you look long term and pay attention to the details, you may find one of those roles is really not for you.

Tune in as we lift the veil on the question. 

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