Thursday, October 25, 2018

Can a Woman Be “Too Old” for Marriage?

In a recent article about marriage in China, they described an appropriate age for women to marry.  In the article, they stated a woman who is unmarried by age 30 is considered undesirable.  In China, they call it Shen nu, which means “left over”.  When a man is seeking a new bride, his hope is that she is under 30.  If she is 30 and over, there will be frowns and questions about
her past and how suitable she may be as a wife.  In fact, most men would never consider her to be wife material at age 30.  For the rest of her life, the best men would overlook her. 

In the US, the career woman reins.  Many women put off marriage until well in their 30s.  They make the claim their career is more important than having a husband and children. 

However, what would happen if men in the US embraced Chinese culture?  Would it force women to make different decisions about dating?  Would it force women to choose a suitable mate before age 29?  Would that affect their careers?  Would that expose a hidden reason for women’s desire to be well educated and employed?   

Join us for this conversation and answers to these questions and many more. 

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