Friday, June 15, 2012

Quote: Thomas Fuller, M.D. on Wisdom

“Wisdom rises upon the ruins of folly.” – Thomas Fuller, M.D.

Folly is defined as thoughtlessness, recklessness, thoughtless, or reckless behavior. It is also synonymous with foolishness. Wisdom, however, is less about recklessness and more about clarity of what we really want from life.

Without understanding that, there are no
actions available to get what we want. Thus, what’s left is random experimentation, blindly pushing buttons to see how life works. Sometimes these pushed buttons hurt, and we can shrug it off, saying it was not meant to be or it was just an experience. This is the justification we give when we don’t get what we want. 

Don’t kid yourself. That lifestyle is folly. 

To Fuller’s point, people do learn on occasion. Napoleon Hill says that only 2% of the population develops the wisdom to learn from mistakes and have the ability to get what they want from life. Too often however, we feel our way through life blindly, talking about what we don’t want and never realize our true calling.

Although Hill has a point, mankind is not stuck. If we spend some time getting to know ourselves, we could evoke the courage and clarity to stand for the life we desire. With that done, we can commit to the actions that will make that life a reality.

It is your life. Only you can be responsible for what you want. Only you can take the actions to make it happen.   

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