Monday, January 30, 2012

Hope You Did Not Make That New Year's Resolution

Now that the traditional western New Year and the Chinese New Year has passed what’s next? Will it be another year as usual? Will you be tossed around by economic, social and political events? Some people try to add excitement to their lives by making a New Year’s resolution. However, most people never keep them. It’s apparent in many areas of life. Look at the gyms that are full in January. By Valentines Day, most of the people with a resolution are gone. Not to be seen until next January.

Since there was nothing new I have said so far, what will be new for you this year? Can you commit to something new this year? While you are at it, commit to something you have always wanted to do, except, it never seemed like the right time. Or your money was not right. Why not this year? You get one life and this is not a dress rehearsal.

Now that you have committed to something and it makes you a little nervous because you are not sure how you will accomplish it, you have to stand for it as a possibility. Stand for it with the thought of ‘no matter what I will accomplish it’. Once you create that agreement with yourself, get straight with yourself about all the reasons you will back out. I am sure you can hear yourself now. Everyone has been there.

To help counter that, create a new conversation in your head. It has to be a powerful one that replaces the reasons and excuses that normally get you off the hook from doing something much, much bigger than yourself.

Next, you will need a network of support. Who will you go to when you are ready to back out? That person should also share accountability with you. It should be someone who is a good listener. And they should know their job is to never, never, never let you back out.

This process is bold. It honestly takes a lot. Yet, when the commitment is fulfilled, the feeling is irreplaceable and it can open an entirely new chapter to your life.

For years, we have listened to how 2012 will be the end. Let this year be the end of procrastination. Let it be the end of you never taking on that project that, deep in your heart, you want to take it on. Stand for it! And become someone you have never been.

Should you take this on I would like to hear your progress even if it is the commitment you make with yourself. In no way does this represent a New Year’s resolution. It is a lifestyle. It is the way to create the life you have always wanted and become the person you have always wanted to be. Take it on!

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